Carrie Bickmore. Picture: Instagram
Carrie Bickmore. Picture: Instagram

Carrie Bickmore’s bikini baby bump

CARRIE Bickmore has given fans the first look at her growing baby bump, sharing photos on Instagram of her family holiday in Hawaii.

The Project host posted a series of cute snaps of her swimming and soaking up the sun with her two children Evie and Oliver.

"The same bathers I have worn for 3 pregnancies (eek!) but who wants to shop for bathers when pregnant," Bickmore wrote on Instagram.

"They are old and crusty and used to be white and now are a mix of fake tan, sunscreen and salt, but they do the job just fine."

Bickmore also revealed that her week long holiday was special because "it was the first week I haven't felt sick in months".

Announcing her third pregnancy last month, Bickmore told her radio show Carrie & Tommy she had been suffering from non-stop morning sickness.

"I didn't even think I had the energy to work out … to even get my head around what was happening," she said.

"[Being] hungry made me feel sick, eating has made me feel sick, being awake has made me feel sick, sleeping has made me feel sick, coffee has made me feel sick, everything has made me feel sick."

Carrie shares three-year-old daughter Evie with partner Chris Walker, while she had 10-year-old son Oliver with husband Greg Lange, who died from brain cancer in 2010.