Mayang Prasetyo and her killer Marcus Volke
Mayang Prasetyo and her killer Marcus Volke

Coroner rules on death of Queensland chef

A CORONER has ruled that Marcus Volke killed his wife Mayang Prasetyo by stabbing her in the throat before taking his own life.

Coroner Terry Ryan handed down his findings in the murder-suicide coronial inquest in Brisbane this morning, saying Volke's death could not be prevented and praised the efforts of police.

Mr Ryan ruled that Ms Prasetyo was murdered following a "protracted argument" in the pair's Teneriffe unit in the early hours of October 4, 2014.

She was stabbed multiple times before being killed by a stab wound to the throat that severed an artery.

Volke purchased a large cooking pot, rubber gloves and various cleaning products in a bid to dismember and dissolve Ms Prasetyo's body following the crime.

Marcus Volke killed and dismembered his Indonesian girlfriend.
Marcus Volke killed and dismembered his Indonesian girlfriend.

Volke then took his own life by stabbing himself in the throat with a large cooking knife in a dumpster after fleeing police the following day.

The coroner said there was not enough information available about the pair's volatile relationship in the lead-up to the murder-suicide.

He praised the efforts of police, who were called to investigate a foul smell.

An inquest earlier this week heard officers thought it was a Halloween-type prank when they found parts of murdered transgender escort Mayang Prasetyo strewn around the apartment.

He said it was unknown if a successful intervention in the pair's marriage could have prevented the crime.

He found that the Queensland lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex community continued to face unique domestic violence struggles.

Quoting from a specialist report into the issue, Mr Ryan said: "The true extent of domestic violence suffered by (LGBTI) members of the community remains largely hidden."

Mr Ryan did not make any recommendations.