Fraser dingo 'hanging' from woman's arm after it bit her

A WOMAN has been admitted to Hervey Bay Hospital following a dingo attack on Fraser Island.

A Hervey Bay Hospital spokesman said the woman sustained puncture wounds to her upper left bicep.

The spokesman said the incident happened mid-afternoon at Eurong Beach.

Fraser Island's David Anderson told Channel Seven local news the woman, believed to be 29, went towards the water and tripped and fell.

"Then the dingo grabbed her by the arm and she couldn't get if off the arm, she actually managed to stand up with the dingo still hanging from her arm," he said.

The hospital spokesman said the woman was transferred by ambulance from Eurong to Kingfisher, before being transported by barge to the mainland and then by ambulance to Hervey Bay Hospital.

The attack came at the conclusion of dingo mating season, which is from March to June, when the likelihood of negative dingo-human interactions is greatest.