A Rockhampton man with hepatitis C spat on a police officer.
A Rockhampton man with hepatitis C spat on a police officer. Valerie Horton

Hepatitis C spitter loses conviction appeal

A ROCKHAMPTON man with hepatitis C who spat in the face of a police officer has lost his appeal against a conviction for assault.

However, Michael Jason Lawrence's request to revisit his 12-month jail term has been approved - one month after he was due for parole.

Rockhampton District Court found the 42-year-old guilty of serious assault on a police officer in October of last year and sentenced him to 12 months in jail.

On Friday, the Queensland Court of Appeal rejected Lawrence's push to have the conviction removed but allowed his request to appeal the sentence.

Lawrence parole eligibility date was April 11, but the Court of Appeal ordered the wording to be changed to”release eligibility”.

The assault on the police officer happened in 2015.

Lawrence spat on the victim who was trying to help paramedics treat him for a drug overdose.

The officer was trying to subdue Lawrence when he heard a "hocking” noise then felt something warm and wet running down his cheek close to his mouth.

Lawrence's criminal history includes property, drug and assault offences.

The Court of Appeal's judgment will be handed down at a later date. - ARM NEWSDESK