'TANG, what are you doing?'

A good samaritan was a bit surprised when he found the source of a young couple's car troubles - their cat Tang.

The kitty had taken refuge between the radiator and grill of a Marburg couple's Suzuki Swift on Monday morning but he didn't wake up in time to escape before they drove off.

The couple drove about half a kilometre on Glamorgan Vale Rd when they heard loud meows and pulled over to find Tang trapped in the front of the car.

A passer-by was on his way to work at Rosewood when he saw the couple stopped on the side of the road with the bonnet up and he stopped to help.

"There was a young girl standing next to this car and I'm no mechanic but I stopped to help anyway," he said.

"Then her boyfriend crawled out from under the car.

Tang the cat got stuck in a car.
Tang the cat got stuck in a car. Contributed


"They said they had left the house and then heard this noise, a meow and the stupid cat was in there.

"I just sat there and laughed. It was walking back and forwards going meow meow meow. He must have been making a hell of a racket.

"He was happy as Larry just walking around chatting away."

The man said the couple had to pull parts of the car off to rescue Tang, despite his efforts to coax the cat out.

"I'm highly allergic to cats so they always gravitate towards me because of my extreme allergies," he said.

"I sat on the road waiting and even that didn't work.

"I was putting my life at risk."

The man has since been re-united with Tang who he reports is 'quite fine'.

"I have seen him sitting on the veranda at home looking self-righteous like cats do," he said.

"He's a very cuddly and lovable cat."

Tang the cat got stuck in a car.
Tang the cat got stuck in a car. Contributed