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The importance of the L-word when building or buying

10th October 2016 5:00 AM
WoodLinks Development Manager Sam Burgess says location should be at the top of the checklist when building or buying a home. WoodLinks Development Manager Sam Burgess says location should be at the top of the checklist when building or buying a home. Geoff Comfort

IT'S the L-word all property agents seem to love and there's a reason why it warrants being repeated three times. 

  Location: the golden rule of property.   

ARM caught up with WoodLinks Village Development Manager Sam Burgess to get the four top aspects of location every home builder or buyer should keep front of mind.   

"Hugely important for anyone purchasing a block of land, house and land package or an existing home or apartment is location, location and more location," Mr Burgess said.   

Depending on what matters most to you and your personal circumstances, will determine what that perfect location for you looks like.   

But, Mr Burgess shared his top four "big ticket items" many families should keep in mind:  


If you require public transport to get around, choosing a property far from any pick up and drop off station could be a big mistake. Having a bus stop or train station nearby means you won't be stranded at home. Even if you do drive, work out the average distance to work or town and consider whether you're willing to make that journey every day.   

Health needs

Proximity to a hospital or medical centre is incredibly important, especially if you are elderly, have children or any pre-existing medical conditions. Knowing there are services close to home also gives you some peace of mind.   

Shopping facilities

Living near shopping facilities can mean a lot less hassle come your weekly grocery shop. It also means picking up some milk or a loaf of bread is easy, and you don't have to travel far to access the essentials.   


If you have children or are going to have them in the future, being close to schools and education facilities has huge advantages.

Also look at the school and decide whether it's right for your children as many are only available to those who live within a certain distance from the school.   


Mr Burgess said the latest development at Collingwood Park, WoodLinks Village, had all these traits and more.   

"Be very clear about what matters to you.

A quick shortlist for all purchasers is easy access to major roads, public transport, shopping or entertainment hubs, schools and cultural diversity.   

"WoodLinks Village offers all these and more!"