Rape claim sparks baseball bat attack


A PAINTER tricked a man to go to his home for boxing lessons and then beat him with a metal bat because he thought he raped his girlfriend.

Hayden Clarke-Smith, 22, left his acquaintance with a swollen knee, bruises to the left side of his body and legs.

No rape complaint was ever made to police.

Clarke-Smith pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday((THURS)) to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Erin Livingstone said Clarke-Smith lured the victim to his Pimpama home, telling him he wanted boxing lessons.

Clarke-Smith attacked the man with a baseball bat. Picture: Sarah Matray
Clarke-Smith attacked the man with a baseball bat. Picture: Sarah Matray

She said when the man arrived Clarke-Smith accused him of raping his girlfriend.

"The defendant grabbed a metal baseball located in the kitchen and began to hit his left leg, left side and right leg," Sgt Livingstone said.

The 22-year-old hit the victim about five times.

"While hitting the victim he was yelling and accusing him of raping his girlfriend," Sgt Livingstone said.

"The victim tried to explain he had the wrong information and he did not rape her."

Sgt Livingstone said the man ran from the home and went to police in Logan before going to hospital to get treatment for his injuries.

The court was told Clarke-Smith admitted the attack when he spoke to police.

"He said he lost judgment of the situation and he made a mistake," Sgt Livingstone said.

The woman never made a complaint to police about a rape, the court was told.

"There was no charge of rape pursued, there has been no complaint made, there is no evidence that it occurred," she said.

Magistrate Cameron McKenzie placed Clarke-Smith on a $1500 good behaviour bond for two years and no conviction was recorded.

"It is not up to you to force an apology or confession from another party," he said.

No rape complaint was ever made.
No rape complaint was ever made.

Defence lawyer Craig Van Der Hoven, of Armstrong Legal, said it was not Clarke-Smith's intention to assault the man. Rather, he had wanted to confront the victim for an apology.

"With the benefit of hindsight he accepts it was a stupid and naive way to approach things," he said.

Mr Van Der Hoven said Clarke-Smith grabbed the nearest item during the incident because he knew the victim had training in fighting.

He said that item happened to be a metal baseball bat.

"It was not a full size one and it was about a foot long," he said.

Clarke-Smith, who works as a painter, has no previous criminal history.