A local bike rider has urged a driver to come forward after alleged dangerous driving.
A local bike rider has urged a driver to come forward after alleged dangerous driving. Supplied

Time to own up to dangerous stunt

MY HUSBAND and I were enjoying an early morning cycle ride last Sunday (January 7).

We had ridden from Aroona, around Pelican Waters, before heading to Kings Beach, Caloundra, then turned right into Albert St, which runs on into Wellington Pde, intending to cycle to the very end of Wellington Pde, before turning left to complete our cycle ride home.

At this stage I was leading my husband down Albert St.

However, the driver of an older, white, Toyota style side ute with a canopy on the back, had other plans for us, and, without any prior warning at all, approached from behind, swung immediately left into William St, forcing us both to turn left, before swinging into me, knocking me off my cycle onto the unforgiving surface of William Rd.

The driver then accelerated over a slight hill on William Rd, leaving the scene of the accident - a notable criminal offence in itself.

For this reason we have reported the incident to the police with all the known details of the vehicle.

I trust the driver may have the common sense to "do the right thing” and make himself known to either the Caloundra or Kawana police station, with the offer to at least pay for a new helmet for me, badly damaged when I was "shoved” off my cycle.

Damage to my cycle is yet to be assessed.

We are very grateful to a couple, in a second vehicle, who stopped across the road on Edmund St and immediately walked over, offering me aid, assistance and the willingness to call for an ambulance if necessary.

We are also extremely grateful to a generous and caring couple from a nearby house who also assisted me to my feet, then into their home, and provided a cup of tea and a chance for me to assess my injuries, before taking the time and trouble to deliver me and my cycle back to our home in Aroona.