Smoking drugs.
Smoking drugs. News Corp

Time to tackle drug use in government housing

CONGRATULATIONS on publishing the story on the worst places for drugs on the Sunshine Coast and condemnation for not using a statistician to push the real message.

My little suburb of Dicky Beach has 1599 residents and 36 drug crimes last year, a statistical rate of 2400 crimes per 100,000 population.

Most of those crimes done in government housing.

A few years back the Minister for Housing quietly dropped their three strikes policy because it was too much to expect the mostly poor and disadvantaged housos to have to actually obey our laws.

It seems the actual department is following their own thinking; it's too much to expect the department to actually obey our laws.

The Residential Tenancy Act compels landlords, and the Department of Housing is a landlord, to ensure their tenants don't use the premises for illegal purposes or cause a nuisance or interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of their neighbours.

So dear little Dicky has a drug crime rate of 2400 per 100,000 and mostly down to two or three government houses.

Something for you to do Mick de Brenni when you come off Chrissy hols.


Dicky Beach