Ipswich’s 50 most influential people

WHEN the QT did its first ever 'Top 50 Most Influential People' list for Ipswich, it met with an incredible response.

It was the hot topic across the city, especially as to who finished where in the top ten, with Ipswich Chamber of Commerce President Phil Bell voted as number one.

Incredibly, so much has changed in the last 18 months. Ipswich has risen to the challenge with a whole new council, a new mayor, and new challenges such as the one we are facing right now.

So in these turbulent times, it seems fitting to look to those who inspire us on a daily basis, and once again count down Ipswich's Top 50 most influential people.

Right now there are 72 nominees whose names are right now with our judges, all of whom are not connected with the QT, and next week we'll be announcing all 50 positions over five days at qt.com.au.

Who do you think will make the list for 2020?

One thing's for sure, it will offer some surprises and have all of Ipswich talking.

Tune in online next week for positions 50-1 of Ipswich's most influential, just another reason why it pays to be a subscriber to the QT.